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The Street Factory and Street Factory Music are multi-faceted music enterprises that cater to all areas of the music world. Founded in 1987, The Street Factory offers full service Audio/Video Recording for all musical projects ranging from Jingles to Voice-Over work, Live Steaming, Audio For Video, Post Production, Demos, Album Releases, Live Recordings, Mixing, Mastering, DVD Authoring & everything in-between. In addition, The Street Factory provides complete marketing, Social Media management and music business consultation for all of its clients. Street Factory Music specializes in Hi-Tech Audio Sales, Service and Support as part of The Street Factory’s many available services. The Street Factory offers a wide variety of services, custom tailored to each of their client’s specific needs. “Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art music production in a friendly and relaxed environment,” states Owner/Operations Manager Kenneth S. Barnard. “With the evolution of 21st century technology, especially in Audio/Video recording and production technology, we are able to provide our clients with complete solutions for all of their musical needs: Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Post Production, Graphic Design, Marketing, Acoustic Design, Computer Workstation design and full service Pro Audio Sales. We firmly believe in the Old School of Music Recording and have combined that with some of the latest technological advances to come up with formulas to serve the entire music community and their diverse wants and needs.”
The-Street-Factory Grosvenor Square SSL Control Room

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